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Ceremonial Objects

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Objects originally created for carrying on governmental, fraternal, religious, or other organized and sanctioned societal activities. Such objects are intended to evoke, symbolize, or express certain aspects of the traditions or heritage of a community or group of people. Usually, they are associated with rituals or ceremonies. This class includes: (1) any religious object, such as communion cups and altar pieces; note that personal devotional objects (such as religious medals or talismans) and religious symbols of office (such as vestments or crosiers) are classified under Personal Symbols; (2) any object used specifically in a ceremony concerned with a major personal event or crisis, such as birth, puberty, sickness, or death, or concerned with a community event or crisis, such as a harvest festival or the need for rain; and (3) any object, except for personal symbols, used in the ceremonial activities of a fraternity, lodge, club, governmental, or military organization, such as the pennant of a Girl Scout troop.
Definition source(s)
  • American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), and Canadian Heritage Information Network / Réseau canadien d’information sur le patrimoine. 2018. “Nomenclature for Museum Cataloging / Nomenclature pour le catalogage des objets de musée.” September 1, 2018.
Term (International)
Ceremonial Objects
Term (International)
Objets cérémoniels
objetos ceremoniales
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Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online
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