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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
deck prism watercraft component
deck scuttle watercraft component
deck shoe shoe
deck tennis ring tennis gear
decked canoe canoe
deckle Papermaking T&E (blank sub-class)
declaration Declaratory Documents
Declaratory Documents Documentary Objects
declinometer magnetic instrument
decoder data converter
decontamination kit Protective Devices
decoration Decorative Furnishings
decoration of honor award
decorative bowl knickknack
decorative brick wall covering
decorative doll Decorative Furnishings
Decorative Furnishings Household Accessories
decorative glass blown glass; fused glass; slumped glass; studio glass; whimsey; whimsy Visual Arts
decorative mug knickknack
decorative plaque plaque basket Decorative Furnishings
decorative plate knickknack
decorative tile tile
decorative urn urn Decorative Furnishings
decorative urn. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
decoupage paperwork
decoy Armament Accessories
decree Declaratory Documents
deed muniment
deep fryer cooking device
deep frying thermometer culinary thermometer
deer feeder wildlife feeder
deer stand sports structure
deerstalker cap cap
Defense Structures Structures
defensive wall Defense Structures
defibrillator therapeutic instrument
deflection wedge whipstock Mining & Mineral Harvesting T&E (blank sub-class)
deflesher flesher butchering tool
dehairing machine leatherworking machine
dehorner Veterinary Equipment
dehorning knife dehorner
dehorning saw dehorner
dehumidifier Environmental Control Elements
dehydrated meal Food Service Sets
dehydrating bath bath
delivery truck truck
delivery wagon wagon
demi-cannon cannon
demi-culverin culverin
demijohn bottle
demitasse cup coffee cup

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