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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
dabber inking tool
dado plane grooving plane
dagger Edged Weapons
dagger scabbard scabbard
daggerboard watercraft component
daguerreotype direct positive
daguerreotype case photograph case
dairy barn barn
dairy can dairy tool
dairy cooler dairy refrigerator dairy tool
dairy plant food plant
dairy scale dairy tool
dairy tool Food Processing Equipment
daisywheel printer printer
dalmatic tunicle vestment
dalmatic. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
dam Hydraulic Structures
dance performance
dance bustle ceremonial bustle
dance costume performance costume
dance hall entertainment building
dance program dance card program
dance staff Religious Objects
dandy roll Papermaking T&E (blank sub-class)
dangle spit spit
dapping block swage block metalworking block
dapping punch metal punch
dark lantern lantern
darkroom easel Photoprocessing Equipment
darkroom thermometer Photoprocessing Equipment
darkroom timer Photoprocessing Equipment
darkroom tongs Photoprocessing Equipment
darkroom tray print-processing tray Photoprocessing Equipment
darning board Needleworking Equipment
darning egg darner Needleworking Equipment
darning needle sewing needle
dart Edged Weapons
dart game darts game
dart gun Firearms
dartboard game component
dashiki Outerwear
dasymeter densimeter
data cable data connector
data card Data Processing Media
data connector Data Processing Accessories
data converter Data Processing Devices
data drive Peripherals
data glasses data goggles output device
data glove cyberglove; dataglove; wired glove input device
data patch panel data connector
Data Processing Accessories Data Processing T&E

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