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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
fabric block printing block
fabric cutter Needleworking Equipment
fabric cutting board Needleworking Equipment
fabric marker Needleworking Equipment
fabric piercing tool Needleworking Equipment
fabric punch fabric piercing tool
fabric scissors scissors fabric cutter
fabric shears fabric cutter
fabric softener dispenser Laundry Equipment
fabric tester Textile Manufacturing Equipment
face brick brick
face hammer stone hammer
face jug art pottery
face mask cloth mask; fabric mask; non-medical mask breathing apparatus
face shield Personal Assistive Objects
face towel face cloth towel
face-bow Dental Instruments
faciometer diagnostic instrument
facsimile reproduction
factory industrial plant; mill Industrial Structures
factory bell bell
factory ship commercial fishing vessel
factory whistle whistle
fadeometer fabric tester
fair building exhibition building
fair linen cloth altar covering
fairing souvenir
fairing wire aircraft wire
fairlead Mechanical Devices
fairy lamp candle lamp
faking box Water Transportation Accessories
falcon cannon
falconet cannon
falconry hood hawking hood bird restraint
fall machine Mechanical Devices
false eyelash cosmetic
false muzzle Armament Accessories
falsework Construction T&E (blank sub-class)
falsie bust improver
family register register
family tree genealogical chart; pedigree chart
fan belt vehicle component
fan heater electric heater
fanchon bonnet
fanlight window
fanning mill dutch fan; fan mill; fanning machine; grain screen; grain sieve; wildoat separator; winnowing fan; winnowing machine; winnowing sieve; winnowing-fan winnower
fanning mill. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
fanny pack belt pack carrying bag
fantail counter watercraft component
farm harness team harness animal harness
farm tractor tractor

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