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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
T wrench wrench
T-shirt T shirt shirt
T-square tee square drafting instrument
tab cutting machine Printing Accessories
tabard Outerwear
tabernacle ritual container
tabernacle veil altar covering
tabi sock
table Support Furniture
table carpet furnishing cover
table clock clock
table croquet set table game
table game game
table lamp lamp
table linen Food Service Accessories
table loom hand loom
table mat table pad furniture mat
table pad table linen
table radio radio
table runner furniture runner
table saw circular saw
table scarf furniture scarf
table screen Decorative Furnishings
table tennis ball ping pong ball table tennis gear
table tennis gear Sports Equipment (blank sub-class)
table tennis net ping pong net table tennis gear
table tennis paddle ping pong paddle table tennis gear
table tennis set ping pong set table tennis gear
table tennis set. Pearson Scott Foresman, Wikimedia Commons
table tennis table ping pong table table tennis gear
table throw table cover; tablecover throw
tablecloth table linen
tablecloth set Food Service Sets
tablespoon table spoon serving spoon
tablet Other Documents
tablet computer tablet digital computer
tablet loom hand loom
tablet-arm chair armchair
tabletop electronic game electronic game
tableware set dish set Food Service Sets
tablita headdress
tabor drum
tabor pipe flute
taboret stool
tabulating machine calculating machine
tachistoscope Visual Communication Devices
tachometer Mechanical Measurement Equipment
tack fastener
tack box tack container
tack buckle harness hardware
tack container Land Transportation Accessories

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